Health & Wellness

Use It or Lose It: Keeping Your Mind Sharp to Maintain Independence

Jul 19, 2018 — As you age, it’s important to continue using your brain to keep your memory sharp and reduce your risk of developing dementia. Learn about the different ways to maintain your independence by staying mentally sharp through physical activity, managing stres

Reversing Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Jun 01, 2018 — A small study from researchers out of UCLA shows promising results for reversing Alzheimer's Disease. Their methods address various stages of the disease and can even be used as a method of prevention.

Health Coverage for Everyone, Everywhere

Apr 13, 2018 — Learn more about Medicare health coverage and Medicaid programs, the affordable health insurance programs that help seniors and the World Health Organization's goal of universal healthcare.

Diagnosed with Prostate or Testicular Cancer? Benefits May Be Available

Apr 12, 2018 — Learn what resources the Social Security Administration has for men with prostate or testicular cancer, as well as how to secure additional help.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor As You Age

Apr 04, 2018 — Be prepared when going to a doctor appointment by knowing what to ask your doctor, including medical questions and health questions. Learn how a Medical Guardian medical alert device can also help you live your best life at home.

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