Caregiver Corner

How To Minimize Holiday Stress

by Hilary Young on December 14, 2017

Self care for caregivers shouldn’t get set aside just because the holiday season is upon us. Although this time of year can be stressful for everyone, it can be especially stressful for those who are also caring for aging loved ones. For caregivers, coming up with a system for holiday stress management is essential to preventing caregiver burnout.

5 Gifts for Seniors That Prevent Falls

by Hilary Young on December 05, 2017

No matter where you are in the holiday shopping process--whether you’ve been crossing gifts off your list since Black Friday, or have not yet started to shop--if you are caring for aging parents, investing in the gift of fall prevention at home can have a profound effect long after the holidays are over. For some, coming up with gift ideas for older parents can be a challenging, especially if they insist that they do not need anything and to not bother getting them a gift.

5 Ways Caregivers Can Focus On Me Time

by Hilary Young on November 16, 2017

November is National Caregiver Month and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With all the stress of the holidays piling on to the stress that caregivers already experience on a daily basis, caregiver burnout can become a reality for many this time of year. In order to avoid the pitfalls of caregiver burnout, self-care for caregivers must be built into the way we approach this time of year.

Helping Parents Downsize Their Stuff

by Meghan Orner on October 24, 2017

Sometimes, caring for an aging parent can go above and beyond helping them with physical tasks, like bathing, dressing and cooking. These physical tasks are can be challenging, but the emotional aspects of caring for an aging parent can be daunting at times. Especially when it comes to navigating difficult topics, like when it might be time to move mom or dad to a smaller, more senior-friendly space. And however challenging bringing up the conversation may be for you, it will almost certainly be harder for your parent.

Talking To Your Parents About the Dangers of Senior Falls

by Hilary Young on September 19, 2017

Senior falls are always scary, but even moreso when they have serious medical ramifications. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one in five senior falls can lead to broken hips, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injury. Of the nearly 800,000 seniors who are hospitalized from fall-related injuries each year, 300,000 of them are treated for hip fractures. Even more shocking? They have found that 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling.

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