Nominate a Senior to Win a Free Medical Alert System!

by Amanda White on May 11, 2018

May is Older Americans Month— a time to celebrate the many ways in which older adults (65+) make a difference in our communities. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re taking Older Americans Month to the next level, as we're offering a special senior a chance to win a FREE† Medical Guardian medical alert system (of their choice) for six months.

Alleviating Aging Fears

by Amanda White on May 01, 2018

Whether it’s your weight on a scale or the number of candles on your birthday cake, it can be daunting to see numbers go up in your life— unless you’re looking at your bank account. Growing older can be especially complicated for people since so many aspects of your life seem to drastically change at once. Kids grow up and move out, retirement is on the horizon, and then what? What comes next?

Valentine's Day Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

by Amanda White on February 13, 2018

While Valentine's Day can be a special day for some, it can also be a depressing time for those who live alone or away from their loved ones. Maybe someone comes to mind — perhaps a friend from church, a neighbor, or an acquaintance from a class you take — who might be lonely this Valentine's Day.

A New Year of Living Life Without Limits

by Hilary Young on January 04, 2018

Right after ringing in the New Year, it’s not uncommon to see and hear a lot of content about setting New Year’s resolutions. Messages like, “New Year, New You,” or “How To Have The Happiest Year Ever,” make big promises and usually yield little results.

Rediscover Your Sense Of Purpose

by Hilary Young on December 29, 2017

Most people look forward to their retirement; in the months and years leading up to signing retirement papers, their dreams are filled with thoughts of travel, leisure activities, lunch with friends, time with family and the ability to pursue new hobbies. But the reality of retirement for many people falls short of their dreams. Whether due to financial restrictions, or the lack of routine, or other unforeseen circumstances, figuring out what to do in retirement isn’t always as easy as it seems.

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