Providing Comfort in an Emergency

  • June 22, 2016
Providing Comfort in an Emergency

There are many different reasons to purchase a medical alert device. Whether it’s the fear of falling or experiencing a medical emergency, there is no wrong reason to ensure your safety. For 65-year-old Carolyn N. from Houston, TX, she had been suffering from some respiratory issues, and she wanted to make sure that she would be able to receive help in an emergency.

After speaking with Michael Allford, one of our Life Safety Consultants, earlier this year on April 18, Carolyn decided that a Mobile Guardian was the right product for her. After all, she was still quite active and wanted to make sure that help could get to her no matter where she was.

On June 1, Carolyn was home alone when she began having severe chest pains. Knowing right away that something was wrong, she pressed her button on her Mobile Guardian and was immediately connected to Danielle, one of our emergency operators. Danielle could tell that Carolyn was in a lot of pain, so she immediately dispatched EMTs to Carolyn’s home and encouraged her to stay as comfortable as possible until they arrived.

After calling all of Carolyn’s emergency contacts, Danielle received another emergency alarm from Carolyn, who stated that she had opened up the front door so the EMTs could get inside, but she was quickly becoming more and more distraught. Sensing Carolyn’s discomfort, Danielle promised to stay on the line with her. For the next several minutes, Carolyn kept going in and out of consciousness, but Danielle kept talking to her to keep her alert and calm until the EMTs arrived just a few minutes later.

Experiencing an emergency is certainly a rattling experience, but sometimes just hearing a friendly voice makes all the difference by providing a sense of comfort. We recently heard from Carolyn who wanted to thank us for saving her life and for our service. Thanks to Danielle and the EMTs, Carolynn was able to receive immediate medical attention and make a full recovery.

Luckily with Medical Guardian, you are never alone when an emergency strikes.

Respiratory Issues in Older Adults

Usually when we hear about using a medical alert device, we think of falls, but these life-saving devices can be used in any circumstance. We may not hear about respiratory issues a lot, especially in the context of medical alert devices, but respiratory issues are actually quite common in older adults.

This could include anything from a common cold to pneumonia, which can pose some serious threats to the health of an older adult. According to WebMD, approximately one in seven older adults has lung disease. When older adults have trouble breathing, it’s important that they seek immediate medical attention as this could be signs of a heart attack, COPD or other serious health threats.

To ensure you can get access to help should you experience this, a Medical Guardian medical alert system is sure to be there for you and your loved ones when you need it most!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Medical Guardian is a leading provider of innovative medical alert systems that empower people to live a life without limits.

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