Home Alone: Falling Down

  • November 17, 2014
Home Alone: Falling Down

On Monday, October 27th, 80-year-old Patricia H. of Kennesaw, Georgia, took a spill at home and could not get herself up. Luckily, on September 5th, she had purchased the Home Guardian system online through our website. She was able to connect to the MG Monitoring Center, who called the local EMTs for a lift assist. Once on the line with Emergency Services, the MG Operator was able to provide them with her lockbox information and the location of her medical information should they need it once inside the house.

After hanging up with Emergency Services, the MG Operator made 4 attempts to contact Patricia's daughter without success. The next call they made was to her backup contact and friend, who agreed to go check on her within the next 15 minutes.

Patricia's story is a reminder that you can't necessarily depend on friends or loved ones to be there for you in an emergency. The monitoring services that Medical Guardian provides to all of its customers are 24/7, working night and day to keep them safe and protected.

What To Do If You Fall

The National Institute of Health offers some great suggestions if you've experienced a fall at home:

  1. Remain still on the floor or ground for a few moments. This will help you get over the shock of falling.
  2. Decide if you're hurt before getting up. Getting up too quickly or in the wrong way could make an injury worse.
  3. If you think you can get up safely without help, roll over onto your side.
  4. Rest again while your body and blood pressure adjust. Slowly get up on your hands and knees, and crawl to a sturdy chair.
  5. Put your hands on the chair seat and slide one foot forward so that it is flat on the floor. Keep the other leg bent so the knee is on the floor.
  6. From this kneeling position, slowly rise and turn your body to sit in the chair.

With Medical Guardian, you'll never have to worry about being unable to get up after a fall. Call today to find out which medical alert solution may be right for you!

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