Calling for Help – No Matter the Reason

  • March 18, 2016
Calling for Help – No Matter the Reason

Falls and medical emergencies are two of the biggest reasons why our clients use their medical alert devices, but what happens if you’re not entirely sure what is wrong? Luckily with Medical Guardian, you can push your button and receive help at any point and for any reason – whether it’s to help you in an emergency or if you need a family member or friend.

When Mary M. from Troy, Alabama spoke with Life Safety Consultant Kevin Glim on March 23 of last year, she was really reluctant to purchase, and even use, a medical alert device. But she was worried about the potential accidents or emergencies that could happen, which is why after speaking with Kevin, Mary decided to purchase the Home Guardian medical alert system so she could remain safe both inside and around her home.

Even though Mary tested her device every month, it wasn’t until later that year when Mary’s medical alert device saved her life!

On December 24 at 1:28 p.m., Medical Guardian emergency operator Julia received an emergency call from Mary, who said that she needed help. Unfortunately, Mary couldn’t provide any other details on what was wrong, but Julia knew that she needed an ambulance right away. Julia immediately dispatched emergency services to Mary’s home and called all of her emergency contacts.

One of Mary’s emergency contacts Tonya, who lives only 10 minutes away from Mary, was out walking in the area when she received Julia’s call, and she immediately went to Mary’s home to see what was wrong. Both the EMTs and Tonya arrived in minutes and were able to assist Mary in getting the help that she needed.

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Listening to your Body

So what exactly happened? Well, we recently heard from Mary on February 17 when she spoke with Client Services Specialist Shalise. Mary wanted to thank Medical Guardian for saving her life.

All she remembers from that day is pushing the emergency help button on her neck pendant and being pushed on a hospital bed. Once she arrived at the hospital, Mary had to have emergency surgery. Luckily, she received the surgery just in time and was able to make a full recovery. Had it not been for Medical Guardian, Mary would not have been able to receive the surgery she so desperately needed.

Mary might not have known why exactly she needed help – she just knew that something was wrong. This fact brings up a very important reminder for all of us: always listen to your body.

You and you alone can feel when something just isn’t right. Even if you can’t explain what is wrong to anyone else, it’s important to realize that something is in fact wrong and to seek help.

Whether it turns out to be something serious or a minor health issue, it’s best to seek medical attention immediately so that you and your doctor can address any medical issues in a timely manner.

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