Is it Time to Change your Fitness Routine?

  • September 14, 2016
Is it Time to Change your Fitness Routine?

Anyone who’s ever been on a weight loss journey knows that it’s usually those last 10 lbs. that are hardest to lose. And there’s actually a reason for that. Experiencing a weight loss plateau is a common occurrence with regular fitness routines. There are many different factors that can lead to a weight loss plateau, but how can you tell when it’s time to mix up your fitness routine?

Fitness Tips For Moving Through A Plateau

Here are some fitness tips to help you identify when--and why--you’ve hit a plateau.

1. Your Fitness Routine Is Boring

Do you dread your workout each day? Have you found excuses why you don’t want to work out? If so, boredom could be the culprit. An exercise routine that used to excite you can fall flat after weeks without variety. Aside from mental boredom, your body can also experience a form of boredom as well. When your body performs the same task over and over again, your muscles become more educated about how to move, thus leading to a muscle plateau.

2. You Feel Tired And Sore All The Time

While it’s normal to feel sore after a particularly challenging workout, exercising should make you feel energized and good. Constant pain is a sign that you might be overdoing it and your body is in need of a break. Rest and recovery are essential to avoiding both a weight loss plateau and a muscle plateau.

3. Your Goals Have Changed

When you set out to make a major life change by losing a lot of weight, your body requires a full commitment to a diet change, including a lower calorie intake, and regular physical exertion. As you lose the weight, however, your needs change because the goal becomes less about losing weight and more about maintenance.

4. Your Body Isn’t Changing

The main sign of a weight loss plateau or a muscle plateau is a lack of change to your body. Your muscles build up a tolerance to exercise, which is why most experts recommend switching up your fitness routine every few months. It’s great to stick with what you love, but in order to keep your exercise routine effective, you have to mix it up!

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Making Changes to Your Fitness Routine

Once you’ve identified the reasons behind your weight loss plateau or muscle plateau, it’s time to make the necessary changes that can help you learn to love your exercise routine again. Shape Magazine has some great fitness tips that will allow you to keep moving forward on your weight loss journey:

  • Make a Slow Transition. Just like most things in life, you shouldn’t totally change your exercise routine overnight. Start by making small changes. For instance, if you walk on the treadmill every day, take one day off and try a yoga class instead. Or, if you typically work out with weights, switch it up and sign up for a Pilates class one day instead.
  • Ask For Help. Don’t take it upon yourself to try a new routine without the help of an expert. If you belong to a gym, ask a personal trainer to help you figure out a new routine, especially if it involves any of the machines. If you work out on your own at home, consult your physician before making any major changes.
  • Change Your Intensity. To keep your body from experiencing a weight loss plateau, you can increase the intensity of your workouts. Interval training, which encourages short bursts of intensity followed by a quick recovery, is a great way to jumpstart a drop in weight.
  • Find A Partner. Enlisting a friend or loved one to join in your fitness routine can re-energize you, take away your boredom and encourage you to keep going on your weight loss journey. You can track your workouts with a wearable fitness device, and even challenge a friend to a daily step contest!

Staying Safe During Exercises

There is always an element of danger when you exert a lot of energy. Whether you work out at a gym, around your neighborhood, or even in your own home, a Mobile Guardian will be there to keep you connected to help should you need it. Why risk it when it comes to your health?

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