How To Help Your Loved One with Spring Cleaning

  • April 11, 2016
How To Help Your Loved One with Spring Cleaning

Welcome to spring! Springtime is usually something that we all look forward to after being stuck inside during winter’s long, chilly months, and cleaning out your home is a great thing to do right after our winter-long hibernation. However, spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task for caregivers.

Even though spring cleaning may seem like the last thing you want to worry about on top of all your other caregiving responsibilities, knowing how to help your loved one with spring cleaning can really go a long way in promoting their safety in and around their home. So now the question becomes: how do you help your loved one with spring cleaning?

Easy as 1,2,3

It’s not uncommon for spring cleaning your loved one’s home to seem overwhelming at first, but just by taking these few preemptive steps, spring cleaning your loved one’s home becomes easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Create a checklist. Writing down exactly what you and your loved one would like to get done is the surefire way to help you do just that! Take the time to discuss what you and your loved one would each like to see on the checklist. Plus, it’ll give you an even greater sense of accomplishment each time you check something off your list.
  2. Make a schedule (and stick to it). Just like any other commitment, it’s important that you and your loved one set plenty of time aside to complete the checklist. This is an especially good tip if your loved one has limited mobility and tires easily.
  3. Go one room at a time. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything on your checklist that needs to be cleaned, but if you narrow your focus to one room at a time, it will seem more manageable and give you and your loved one less anxiety.

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Things to Consider when Spring Cleaning

Now that you know how to make spring cleaning as easy as possible for you and your loved one, there are some other things to consider. When considering how to help your loved one with spring cleaning, it may be best to keep these things in mind:

Is your loved one involved with spring cleaning his/her home?

When helping your loved one with spring cleaning, the key is keeping your loved one involved as much as possible. Now we’re certainly not suggesting that your loved one lifts or moves any of the heavy furniture, but there are plenty of ways you can keep your loved one involved. Have your loved one go through and organize any papers or files lying around or have them polish the silverware. No one likes feeling useless, and your loved one is sure to appreciate completing tasks on the checklist.

Is your loved one at risk of falling in his/her home?

This time of year isn’t just about cleaning – safety should also be considered when you’re helping your loved one with spring cleaning. While cleaning the various rooms in the house, you may notice some things that may be increasing your loved one’s risk of falling. Area rugs and electrical cords are two of the most common tripping hazards, so be sure to talk with your loved one about preventing accidents in the home.

Is your loved one a hoarder?

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clear out your loved one’s home of any clutter, but what if they aren’t able to separate themselves from possessions? This could be one of the many symptoms of hoarding. This disorder is actually quite common among seniors, especially if they’ve recently experienced a loss, but it can greatly affect their ability to live safely in their home. If you believe your loved one is suffering from this disorder, these tips can help you deal with a parent’s hoarding.

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