MG Blog Posts For October 2017

Things Older Adults Need to Put Aside Money For

Written by guest blogger Aaron Hall, Best Company
If you're reading this, it's probably because you've advanced beyond your typical 9-to-5 job and you're ready to retire. It's going to be nice to enjoy some quiet time with your family and catch up on some golf, but are you sure you've accounted for everything that you should when it comes to retirement money management? If you haven't already thought of it, here are a handful of recommendations.

by Meghan Orner on October 31, 2017

Exercising With Osteoporosis

Fad diets may come and go, but exercise is something that all experts agree on when it comes to staying healthy with age. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting has been proven to take a toll on your cardiovascular health. Chronic health issues, however, can make it challenging to get into the swing of a fitness routine. But challenging is not impossible.

by Hilary Young on October 26, 2017

Helping Parents Downsize Their Stuff

Sometimes, caring for an aging parent can go above and beyond helping them with physical tasks, like bathing, dressing and cooking. These physical tasks are can be challenging, but the emotional aspects of caring for an aging parent can be daunting at times. Especially when it comes to navigating difficult topics, like when it might be time to move mom or dad to a smaller, more senior-friendly space. And however challenging bringing up the conversation may be for you, it will almost certainly be harder for your parent.

by Meghan Orner on October 24, 2017

The Importance of Estate Planning For Older Women

For many Baby Boomer women, financial literacy is as foreign as a complicated new language. According to data collected from the Pew Research Center, 41 percent of Baby Boomer women spent their youth raising children while their husbands worked outside of the home, so it might be safe to assume that most of them were not thinking about retirement advice and recommendations. But between the higher life expectancy for women and the recent rise in the divorce rate for people over the age of 50, women are now starting to think about estate planning. Even if they don’t want to.

by Hilary Young on October 19, 2017

Safe Driving Tips For Older Adults

A simple Google search for “senior safety” will turn up hundreds of website results for how to keep seniors safe at home, how to purchase the best medical alert button and how to find great in-home care. But is that all the conversation should entail?

by Hilary Young on October 17, 2017