March 2017 Archives

Why MS Is So Hard To Diagnose

Mar 31, 2017 — Multiple Sclerosis can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages because symptoms often mimic other diseases or conditions. Here are some common symptoms to look for when it comes to MS.

Falls Are No Joke

Mar 29, 2017 — April Fool's Day may be ahead of us, but senior fall prevention is no joke. Here is what you should know about the dangers of senior falls.

FAQs on Multiple Sclerosis

Mar 27, 2017 — To help eliminate some of the confusion surrounding this debilitating disease, we’ve answered the most frequently-asked questions about MS, including what causes multiple sclerosis and what are the early symptoms of MS.

Recognizing the Signs of Gambling Addiction in Senior Loved Ones

Mar 22, 2017 — While a few visits to the casino can be relatively harmless and entertaining, when the signs of gambling addiction begin to appear, this habit can become dangerous -- not only for senior gamblers’ wallets and retirement funds, but also for their overall h

Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C

Mar 20, 2017 — Baby boomers and hep c might seem like an odd pairing, but research shows that baby boomers are 5 times as likely as other generations to be diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

5 Green Foods to Add to Your Diet for Safe, Healthy Aging

Mar 17, 2017 — With health benefits ranging from maintaining strong bones to reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, it’s no wonder that the best green foods for seniors come from nature.

Why Fitness And Sleep Go Hand-in-Hand

Mar 15, 2017 — If you are trying to lose weight or build muscle through regular exercise, you may be unaware that the amount of sleep you get every night directly affects the success of your workout program, especially if you're a troubled sleeper.

Can You Write Off Caregiving As A Tax Deduction?

Mar 13, 2017 — With Tax Day coming up on April 15, we’ll explore some of the lesser known tax breaks that are given to family caregivers.

Simple Ways to Maintain Healthy Kidneys as You Age

Mar 10, 2017 — Kidney problems in older adults are quite common. It’s helpful to know the signs and symptoms of kidney dysfunction or failure, and how you can maintain healthy kidneys -- not just on World Kidney Day, but year-round.

Eat Right to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

Mar 08, 2017 — Curious about prevention or how to control diabetes? Research now shows making certain changes to your diet is key.

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