MG Blog Posts For July 2017

In Your Own Words: What Independence Means To Me

When it comes to aging and independence, many people have misconceptions about how the two can co-exist. And while some may think that aging is synonymous with being homebound and curmudgeonly, the truth of the matter is that more often than not, seniors are out in the world achieving some incredible things.

by Hilary Young on July 27, 2017

What Retiring Adults Need To Know About Needing Insurance Before Medicare

No matter your age, the topic of insurance can be a complicated one, but this is especially so when it comes to healthcare for older adults. While Medicare is a reliable option for those who qualify, those who don’t receive employer-sponsored coverage and who are not yet eligible for Medicare find themselves in a tricky situation -- a gap in insurance coverage. And with all of the recent changes involving the future of the healthcare industry, finding the right insurance before Medicare to ensure you remain covered can become even more difficult. 

by Meghan Orner on July 25, 2017

Helping Your Parent at Home Without Taking Away Their Independence

For so many of us, life is all about trying to control as much of the unknown as we can. Of course, so much of the unknown is out of our control, so the concept itself seems futile, but there is a sense of calm and ease when there is a routine in place; when things are done properly, it can leave less room for error. But that only goes so far.

by Hilary Young on July 20, 2017

Senior Celebs Fall, Too

When it comes to elderly falls, many people operate under the misconception that only those who are frail and in poor health experience potentially fatal falls. But the truth of the matter is that falls can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Of course, accidental falls happen throughout life, to people of all ages. As you continue to age, however, your body simply cannot bounce back in the same way and falls can become detrimental to your overall health.

by Hilary Young on July 18, 2017

Returning Home After Knee or Hip Surgery

While many people would like to age as though they’ve sipped from the Fountain of Youth, the reality of aging is that different systems in the body tend to break down over time. Two of the most common ailments for aging adults are hip replacements and knee replacements. And although there are ways to delay the inevitable through non-invasive treatments, most people with hip or knee problems end up needing surgery.

by Hilary Young on July 13, 2017