How to Avoid Wasting Holiday Leftovers

  • December 25, 2015
How to Avoid Wasting Holiday Leftovers

Congratulations! You successfully hosted the holiday dinner party this year and it was fantastic. But now you have all these leftovers…think ahead this year and learn how to prevent food waste and overeating.

Beating the Temptation

The holidays get a bad rap for over-indulging. With leftovers tempting you in the fridge, it is easy to fall off the wagon when trying to stay on the healthy track. Prevent this situation from occurring by giving your leftovers away! Plan on having plastic bags and containers to send your guests home with delicious leftovers. It will come in handy when trying to give away cakes, cookies and other tempting sweets.

Another great tip is to utilize your freezer! Freezing your meals will not only prevent food waste, but it will also help you portion your meals as well. This is especially a good idea for soups, veggies, pastries and even cookies.When reheating your left overs, re-create your dish. Load your plate mostly with veggies and fruits, and serve yourself small portions of meats and pasta. Try creating salads and light wraps with your leftover meats in an attempt to prevent overeating.

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Healthy Leftover Options

Below are some creative ways of turning holiday leftovers into healthier fare:

One day of indulging is no big deal. But continuous days of consuming foods rich in calories and fat can risk undoing all of your hard work. Try to remember these creative and healthy ways to prevent overeating and food waste, and be sure to follow these tips to shed holiday weight so your new year starts on the right (and active) path. But the most important thing to remember is to have fun with the people you love, and cherish all the memories made during the holiday season.

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