Work It Out in the Pool

  • January 8, 2014
Work It Out in the Pool

As we age, it becomes ever more important that we maintain a regular exercise routine. But the reality is, as we age, we also become more susceptible to injury and chronic discomfort due to our regular exercise routine. It’s kind of a Catch-22. The wear-and-tear of everyday life and of your exercise routine can impact your joints and muscles. Sure, you can still climb the stairs or walk on a treadmill…but it does take your knees a little longer to bounce back from the strain. So how can you find a balance between challenging yourself and knowing your limitations? Well one way is to take a dip! The swimming pool can offer a remarkable array of benefits to your health and wellbeing while offsetting some of the unwanted side-effects of your regular exercise routine. The following are just a few of the properties that make aquatic exercise such a fantastic way to stay in shape:

Low-Impact Contrary to jogging or aerobics, swimming is easy on your bones and joints. You can get a full-body workout in a pool without risking the sprains and fractures that become more commonplace with age. The pool also provides an especially excellent exercise setting for those who are susceptible to injury by fall. Think of the swimming pool as your very own zero-gravity gymnasium.

Strengthening Carefect points to a full spectrum of benefits to your bodily health. Swimming and other pool-based exercises lead to improved muscle tone, enhanced flexibility and a lower risk of chronic joint issues. A regular aquatic exercise routine can also improve balance, which means that you are a great deal less susceptible to injury on dry land.

Heart-Healthy Swimming engages every muscle in your body. Perhaps most important among these muscles is your heart. Discovery Health tells that a good aquatic exercise class provides you with a controlled environment for elevating your heart rate, burning calories and lowering your blood pressure. Not only that, but swimming can be a great way to relax, treat anxiety and generally relieve the burden that stress can place on your heart.

Therapeutic The pool also serves as an ideal environment for rehabilitation from surgery, injury or chronic condition. For seniors recovering from hip or knee surgery, swimming offers low-resistance strength training. This provides an excellent opportunity to build muscle around the vulnerable joint without risking further injury. As for those with chronic joint pain due to rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, there is no form of therapy proven to have greater beneficial properties than hydrotherapy. Particularly, exercise or activity in a heated pool can both reduce the symptoms of your condition and improve joint functionality.

Fun! Don’t take this for granted. One of the hardest things about maintaining a regular exercise routine can be working up the energy just to show up every day. The key to remaining committed to your exercise routine is finding ways to enjoy it. Swimming is not only beneficial but it can also be social, recreational and generally invigorating. Nothing like meeting new people or splashing around with old friends to make you feel young again!

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