The Many Health Benefits of Walking

  • February 11, 2014
The Many Health Benefits of Walking

For the elderly, staying active is a crucial part of the aging process. Senior citizens find themselves in a "use it, or lose it" situation - if they do not stay active they will lose the muscle mass and aerobic ability they need to stay active as they age.

Staying active does not mean you need to run a marathon or participate in high impact exercise classes - it can be something as low-key as a daily walk.

Walking is a simple and effective way to stay active and healthy. Low impact, simple, and free - a daily walk is a powerful weapon against decreased mobility, disease, and mental health issues.

The Benefits of Walking

  • Research has found that daily walking can increase physical functioning by 25% and aerobic ability by 19%.
  • Seniors who walk daily are more likely to maintain their own independence.
  • Walking helps increase balance and mobility, thereby decreasing your risk of suffering a debilitating fall.
  • The health benefits of walking are immense:
    • decreased risk of heart disease
    • decreased risk of colon cancer
    • lowers blood pressure
    • helps prevent hypertension
    • decreased risk of developing diabetes
  • Walking helps with weight loss and weight maintenance - helping to prevent the many diseases related to obesity.
  • Mental health is improved by daily exercise. A 30 minute walk releases as much serotonin in the brain as a prescribed antidepressant.

Committing to a daily walk will lift your spirits, prevent disease, and may improve your health for years to come.

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