Building Muscle for Kidney Health

  • June 13, 2014
Building Muscle for Kidney Health

There are many benefits to being more muscular, but what can you do about strength training if you are on kidney dialysis? According to, a new study shows that building muscle if you are a dialysis patient may be more beneficial to your overall health. Health Day News states that patients who suffer kidney dialysis show more progression in both their mental and physical health.

The Study

Researchers from the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology recruited 105 hemodialysis patients for their study. The BMI’s (body mass indexes) were quickly collected based on the participant’s weight and height. After collecting their BMI’s, the researchers gathered information based off of how far the dialysis patients could walk in six minutes. To assess their mental health, the researchers asked the patients to also complete a questionnaire. What their research showed was astonishing. They discovered that patients with a lower BMI not only did better on the physical walking tests, but also proved to be more successful in the questionnaires regarding their mental health.

The “Obesity Paradox”

Dr. Sullivan Beddhu stated that patients with “higher muscle mass are associated with better physical function and quality of life” than dialysis patients who have a higher BMI. Even though the study proved a higher quality of life for some dialysis patients, the study only proved association; that association being between muscle mass and improved physical function. However, there have been studies that observed obese patients and their longevity of life.

Research has shown that in some cases, “fat is good” however, many doctors recommend that losing weight in dialysis patients refrain from weight loss. As always, every person’s situation is different. Be sure to speak to your doctor and figure out which options are best for you and your health.

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