Sex Can Keep Older Couples Happy

  • September 22, 2014
 Sex Can Keep Older Couples Happy

What’s the key to keeping a happy, healthy and intimate relationship with your partner as you both enter your golden years? If you said trust, you wouldn’t be wrong. Communication would also be a great answer. Mutual respect? Goes without saying.

But sex? That’s right. New research says that older couples who continue to enjoy an active and engaged sexual relationship are likelier to be happy in good and tough times. A study recently published in the Journals of Gerontology, Series B says that while sex isn’t everything, it is a pretty big deal.

The Study

Researchers interviewed 732 couples, the vast majority of which were living together and all of which fell between the ages of 65 and 75. Applying a broad definition for categories of sexual intimacy, researchers found an average of one sexual activity per month among participants. They also found that marriage quality appeared to improve in direct proportion to frequency of sexual intimacy.

Indeed, the research confirmed the findings of previous studies, which revealed that both marital and general happiness could be predicted by frequency of sexual activity among individuals over the age of 65. These findings held true even after accounting for variables such as gender, health and financial contentment.

Sexual Healing

These findings come as great news if you and your partner are looking for a fitness routine that you can both share. According to the AARP, one reason that sexual frequency might promote marital happiness is because it provides a great outlet for maintaining physical health.

Sexual activity qualifies as moderate to rigorous physical activity (depending on the day), which promotes improved immune function. This means that sexual intimacy could actually better equip you to fight illness.

The AARP says you also burn roughly 150 calories an hour during sex while lowering your blood pressure, reducing your risk of heart attack and even lowering the threat of prostate cancer.

Happiness Is a Warm Bed

Physical health benefits aside, sexual intimacy provides an irreplaceable emotional bond between you and your partner. There’s no reason to let age or even diminished faculties prevent you from sharing this connection. Intimate Revolution acknowledges that your ability for traditional sexual intercourse may be impeded by age but that there are many ways to express your physical affection for your partner even as your abilities are diminished.

The ready availability of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs also offers aging men the opportunity to continue with sexual activity well into their later years. If you think you are a candidate for ED treatment, consult your physician. Restoring your lapsed sex life could bring the spark back to your marriage.

Live Better…and Longer

A good sexual relationship with your partner won’t just improve your life. It will lengthen it as well. As fitness routines are concerned, this is among the more enjoyable ways to go. Regular sexual intimacy enhances relaxation, redirects your attention from chronic pain and, ultimately, says the AARP, increases your life expectancy.

While we could provide you with an even more extensive list of the benefits associated with a healthy, active sex life, something tells us we don’t have to twist your arm to get you started on this particular fitness strategy!

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