Falls Are A Serious Safety Concern

Falls might seem commonplace with age, but the grave reality is that falls are the now the leading cause of injury death, and the most common cause of nonfatal injuries, often leading to chronic pain or disability. Research has shown that:

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50% of people aged 75+ fall at home

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2x more likely to fall again if fallen once before

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80% of falls occur in the bathroom

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70% of older adults will need long-term care

Although many senior living communities are equipped with emergency buttons in bedrooms and bathrooms, they are not typically within reach should someone be on the floor. This could be mitigated if seniors are outfitted with a wearable monitoring system.

Helping Seniors Thrive

We know that Senior Living Communities already offer their residents a variety of choices that help to not only keep them healthy, but to also improve their overall quality of life. A Medical Guardian medical alert device is a means to reach the same end goals. With 24/7 monitoring services courtesy of Medical Guardian’s top-rated monitoring center, your residents will never have to suffer the pain or indignity of being stuck on the ground for an extended period of time before being able to get the help they need.

A Perfect Pairing

When paired with the services that seniors are already receiving through your community, a medical alert system is a proven way to keep aging adults living independently, longer. In addition to Medical Guardian’s round-the-clock monitoring services, users also have the ability to add emergency contacts to their account to ensure that caregivers and concerned parties can get updates about accidents and emergencies in real time.

That means that users can add someone from your staff to their call list, ensuring that your staff will always remain in the know about your residents’ health. A medical alert system provides both users and caregivers with a cost-effective way to have access to constant care.

We’re Your Partner For Success

Our main goal is providing seniors with the safety net they need in order to feel secure at home as they age.

For Companies and Organizations:
  • Access to the latest technology innovation to help better serve customers
  • Dedicated Medical Guardian account manager
  • Recognized as #1 medical alert provider in the country
  • Global Award-Winning Customer Care Team
  • Rated fastest response time by top review sites
  • State of the art, UL- certified 24/7 monitoring centers
  • On-demand access to real-time customer data
For Users:
  • A medical alert system is a proven way to remain in your own home, longer
  • Receiving help within the first hour of experiencing a fall or medical emergency ensures a 90% chance of returning to independent living after a hospital visit
  • People without medical alert devices spend an average of 13 more days in nursing homes or rehab facilities than those who have invested in medical alert systems for the home
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