How to Shop for Secondhand Fashion Online

  • April 26, 2021
How to Shop for Secondhand Fashion Online

Do you love brands like Ann Taylor, Eileen Fisher, Diane Von Furstenberg, J. Jill, or Talbots, but hesitate when you see the price tags? Secondhand shopping is experiencing a new wave of popularity--you should give it a try! The secondhand fashion space is a $28 billion dollar industry, predicted to grow to $64 billion by 2024. Secondhand fashion is gaining momentum in part due to its environmental benefits: producing new clothing really taxes the environment, and most used clothing ends up in landfills. Sustainable fashion activists make the case that reusing clothes gives them a second act in someone else’s wardrobe and slows the production of more clothes.

The great news is that you can shop for previously owned clothing online, without the physical effort and time of sorting through racks at thrift stores. This means less time spent indoors, in a store, when you could be outdoors enjoying the glorious weather. Buy secondhand clothes online, and spend time you've been waiting to use since the start of lockdown outside, on display. Becoming more active after a year of sedentary living can be daunting. Consider adding a petite, discreet Mini 4G to boost your confidence and safety.

Are secondhand clothes safe to buy during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Yes, the New York Times reported. The COVID virus cannot be transmitted via fabric, and the process of products being shipped over several days would also kill the virus.  Still, as a best practice, it’s always a good idea to wash secondhand clothes before wearing them, even if they’re “new with tags.”

Here’s how to have the best experience when shopping for secondhand clothes online:

Online Is Easier

Long gone are the days when buying secondhand or vintage clothing online was limited to eBay. Today, there are several online marketplaces for secondhand clothing. collects secondhand clothing from women and manages an enormous inventory of secondhand clothing at their warehouses across the country. is a popular online marketplace for secondhand clothing where individual sellers manage photographing, selling, and shipping items directly to customers. For those in the mood for some luxury, a web-site called sells secondhand designer clothing, handbags, and accessories.

Know Your Sizes

There is no universal size chart used by designers; you probably have already noticed that you wear different sizes based on the brand. Keep track of what size you wear for tops, bottoms, and dresses at each different brand you like. If you are looking to try a new brand secondhand, if possible, go to the store and try on a few items from that brand. If you know your sizes, you are more likely to buy pieces that fit you beautifully.

Narrow Down Your Search

When searching on online secondhand clothing marketplaces, you can use filters to narrow your search results. As a best practice, use filters to specify that you’re only interested in clothes that are new-with-tags (NWT), new without tags (NWOT), or like-new. You can also use the filters to only see certain brands in your searches. Have fun with the filters by limiting your searches to fine fabrics like cashmere, silk, and 100% cotton. 

In general, you can reduce overwhelm when browsing by searching for a specific item. For example, if you set out knowing that you’re looking for a tan cardigan or a pink sweater, you can set the filters to search for items matching your specific search criteria.

Explore New Brands and Styles

If you’re worried that a brightly colored Eileen Fisher linen blazer or a patterned top from Chico’s may be “too much,” buying it secondhand is less of a risk. In fact, buying items secondhand at significantly lower prices may nudge you out of your style comfort zone--for the better. When items are less expensive and you know that your purchase helps save the planet, you can be more adventurous with your personal style!

When you make a purchase, your spending dollars have an impact. So, use your consumer influence to the betterment of the environment and your wardrobe!


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