Have a Happy (And Healthy) Thanksgiving!

  • by Bianca Doran
  • November 11, 2015
Have a Happy (And Healthy) Thanksgiving!

You know it’s officially the holiday season when Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Many American families treasure this season by spending time with one another and celebrating.  But for those looking to achieve their goal weight, Thanksgiving can be a very stressful holiday. With Thanksgiving representing the kick-off for more holidays and celebrations to come, it is easy to get trapped into an unhealthy spiral for the rest of the season. This year, try to challenge yourself and fight the temptation to eat unhealthy!

Stay On Track

Below are some tips on how to stay active and healthy this holiday season:

  • Post-Meal Walk: After the festive and delicious meal, try and go on a long, brisk walk. Not only will it halt any temptations for seconds, but it puts you in the right mentality to stay healthy. To ensure you go on the walk, announce your plans before dinner to recruit some others. Once you have people joining you, you are less likely to opt out!
  • Be Involved: Rather than sit and wait for the food to be ready, walk around and help set the table or prepare the food. If the food is taken care of, make sure you walk around and talk to everyone who is present. Staying focused and engaged on other people and activities to prevent you from grazing all day. Another idea is to offer to help clean up! Not only is it a nice gesture, but you are physically removing yourself from the table and any temptation that may be there.
  • Plan a Workout the Next Day: Plan ahead and ask a friend to workout with you the next morning. With all the delicious foods you will be eating, it is common to feel lethargic and bloated the next day. Committing to a workout with someone will encourage you to go as well as get you right back into the healthy mind set.
  • Stop Eating When Full: Thanksgiving is known for all the delicious, traditional foods prepared that day, and it is easy to keep eating to enjoy the holiday. Serve yourself everything you want to eat in a small, golf-ball serving. This allows you to enjoy without restriction while not setting yourself back too far.

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It can be very challenging to host Thanksgiving dinner while being health conscious, but some traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be made into a healthy and satisfying dish! Below are examples of healthy options:

  • Green Been Casserole: This dish is primarily made of healthy, green beans. Just make a creamy sauce using low-fat milk instead.
  • Butternut Squash Soup: This staple soup is a must-have on Thanksgiving dinner! Fortunately, this soup is naturally low in calories and can be made without the cream.
  • Chipotle-Smashed Sweet Potatoes:  Rather than cover your sweet potatoes in brown sugar and marshmallows, use them to make this delicious and healthy mash!

Fortunately, we live in a health conscious world and there are many amazing recipes that can help us stay on track this holiday season. Most importantly, enjoy the day with close family and friends and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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