Buying Advice

Medical alarms for seniors can help to keep you or your loved ones safe and protected in an emergency situation. In some cases, they can literally become the difference between life and death. While it may seem like a small purchase, buying a medical alert system can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know the right questions to ask or the right things to look for in a medical alert company.

At Medical Guardian, our Life Safety Consultants field all different types of questions from customers like you everyday. To help you better navigate the purchasing process, we've created a Buyer's Guide that is available to read here.

When purchasing a Medical Alarm service, here is what you should look for:

For many customers, price is their biggest concern when looking for a medical alarm. Bear in mind, however, that a low price usually doesn’t mean the best service. A low price can also be a sign of hidden fees or potential scams. It's important to find the best value at a fair market price.
Monitoring services are at the heart of the medical alert business. It's very important to learn about the monitoring centers that a medical alert device company works with in order to ensure that you will continue to have the best possible experience post-purchase.
A majority of your experience with a medical alarm company will happen post-purchase. Customer service and support play big roles in that experience. If having a stress-free customer service experience is of value you to you then you'll want to read the full Buyer’s Guide.
Since the equipment is the main component in medical alerts for seniors, it's imperative that you have guarantees about its reliability and durability, as your life literally may depend on it. You'll also want to ensure that a company you choose has a Home, Mobile and Fall Detection system available. That way if you ever want to modify your service, you have the ability to do so.
Installation of a medical alarm is a crucial part of the process. After all, if you can't install it, you can't use it to keep you protected. Ensure that a company offers clear and easy documentation and video to support you in the installation of your device.
Reviews from third party sites and existing customers are great ways to gauge what kind of experience you might have with a medical alarm provider. A reputable company will have multiple third party review companies that provide customer experiences and ratings. Don't be fooled by static testimonials on company websites.