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Whether you have spent hours researching or just started looking, finding the right product can be more difficult than expected.

Before we get started, how are you feeling about finding the right coverage?

You're so close! Let's dive a little deeper to narrow down your options once and for all.

Ugh, it's not easy right? We get it. Let's keep going to find the right product for you.

We're here to help. Let's take this one step at a time to get you the coverage and relief you deserve.

Honestly, a lot of people feel that way. We'll do our part to help you find what you need to feel confident about your future total coverage.

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First things first, do you need emergency alert service while you are away from your home?

Do you need a device with a cellular connection?

Do you want your device to automatically detect if you have fallen and notify emergency services?

Would you like to use your device to keep track of your schedule, location, SMS messages, and weather forecast?

How frequently would you prefer to charge your medical alert device?

Do you need coverage for more than one person in your home?

Would you like to maintain coverage while your primary device is charging or out of reach?

...analyzing responses...

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