Active Guardian Medical Alert System

Starting at $49.95/month

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Enjoy the freedom to keep doing what you love both inside and outside of your home with the Active Guardian, an all-in-one medical alert system with GPS, WiFi, and optional fall detection capabilities.

Wearable 2-way Communication

Precise Location ID Using WiFi

Longest Battery Life: 5 Days

Active Guardian Overview

As the only portable medical alert device with both GPS and WiFi location technologies, the Active Guardian provides the most advanced protection at home and on-the-go. Not only does it have the longest battery life of any mobile system, but this lightweight alert device can also come equipped with the most accurate fall alert technology, meaning you will always be able to receive help when you need it most.


How It Works
emergency operator

Press the Device’s Emergency Call Button

The device uses a cellular network to connect you to our monitoring center.
emergency operator

Speak With an Operator Directly Through the Device

This medical alert system with a speaker in the pendant enables you to easily communicate with an operator.
emergency operator

Help is Sent to Your Exact Location

Using the medical alert system’s GPS and WiFi capabilities, the operator pinpoints your location and sends help.

Portable Medical Alert Device Key Features & Specs

Charging Cradle
This charges the Active Guardian in 3 hours.
Battery Light
A red light flashes when the device’s battery is low.
On/Off Button
This button turns your device on and off.
Call Light
A blue light signifies that you’re being connected to our monitoring center.
WiFi Light
This confirms that our operators can quickly and accurately identify your location.
Speak with an emergency operator using this microphone.
GPS Light
There is a GPS signal when this flashes blue.
Emergency Call Button
During an emergency, pushing this button connects you to our monitoring center.
You will clearly hear the emergency operator through this powerful speaker.
All-in-One Device
Weight: 2 ounces
Dimensions: 2.7" x 1.7" x .7"
Charging Cradle
Weight: 3.5 ounces
Dimensions: 3.5” x 3.5” x 1.6”

Customize Your
Medical Alert Device Package

All-in-One Device
This medical alert system with built-in GPS and WiFi has a 5-day battery life.
Adjustable Lanyard
Comfortably wear the device around your neck using this lanyard.
Charging Cradle
It only takes 3 hours for this small cradle to fully charge the device.
MyGuardian Portal
View account details and update your billing information with our secure portal.

Fall Alert Detection

The Active Guardian has the built-in technology to distinguish everyday movements from a fall, making it the most reliable mobile medical alert system with fall detection available.


This weatherproof Lockbox safely stores your house key to allow emergency contacts and EMTs quick access into your home in an emergency.

Protection Plan

The Medical Guardian Protection Plan, provides you with the peace of mind that you will not pay anything out of pocket if your $350 medical alert system is stolen, damaged, or lost.

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What Customers Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Using the medical alert system’s GPS and WiFi capabilities*, our highly-certified emergency operators can always send immediate help, whether you’re at home or on-the-go. Should you ever experience an emergency or a fall, alert our monitoring center with just the push of a button.

*Coverage is subject to environment, equipment condition, and portable device location.
Yes. This medical alert system with a speaker in the pendant enables you to speak with an operator directly through the device. If you are unable to speak with our operators, they will use the Active Guardian’s GPS and WiFi capabilities to send help to your exact location.
No. Thanks to the Active Guardian’s WiFi capabilities, our emergency operators can detect WiFi hotspots around you, enabling them to accurately pinpoint your location even faster in an emergency.
No. There are no additional fees for when the Active Guardian uses AT&T’s cellular network to connect you to our monitoring center. Plus, you don’t even need to use AT&T in order to have access to round-the-clock protection at home and on-the-go.
Yes. Review your pacemaker materials regarding interaction with cell phones, and take the same precautions with the materials recommend for the Active Guardian.
Helpful for those who want an extra layer of protection or are at risk of a heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, or diabetic shock, this medical alert system can come equipped with fall detection. This means it will automatically contact our monitoring center through a cellular network should you fall while you’re at home or on-the-go. Although the Active Guardian does not automatically come with fall detection, the device’s fall alert capabilities can be activated for just $10/month, so you can enjoy the most comprehensive protection everywhere you go.

*Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls. If Customer is able, Customer should press the help button in the event of an emergency. The 911 emergency services line is an alternative to the System and the Services. Fall Detection must be worn around the neck to allow for adequate detection of falls.
Yes. The Active Guardian is highly water-resistant so you can contact our monitoring center from anywhere – even if you’re in the shower.
Since the Active Guardian has the longest battery life of any portable medical alert device, you won’t have to worry about charging your device for up to 5 days. Not only will you be notified by a flashing red light when the device’s battery is low, but the Active Guardian becomes fully charged in just 3 hours, so you can get back to doing what you love in no time.