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Do I Need a Medical Alert System?

You need a Medical Guardian medical alert device

A medical alert system can improve happiness and quality of life and is a welcome source of independence and freedom for those who are aging, suffering from a medical condition, or have limited mobility.

Are you 65 or older?

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that more than a third of seniors 65 and older experience a fall each year, and the chances of falling increase every year.

Have you experienced a fall in the past?

A previous fall is the greatest predictor that you will suffer another fall. Seniors who experience a fall are two times as likely to fall again, within the same year. Additionally, anxiety about a fall can lead seniors to limit their activity, which causes less mobility and even more risk of falls.

Do you have a serious medical condition or limited mobility?

Serious medical conditions can lead to emergency situations that need immediate attention. Limited mobility greatly increases your risk of devastating falls. The amount of time left unattended after an injury can increase long-term effects or even become life threatening.

Do you live alone?

Maintaining independence and autonomy is an important issue for most seniors. Living in one’s own home increases positivity, activity levels, and quality of life. However, the fear of a fall can cause great anxiety and limited mobility. No one wants to be alone in an emergency.

Are you alone for long periods of time during the day?

Even if living with a family member, senior citizens may still be left alone for many hours – leaving them vulnerable. Any time spent alone has the potential for a devastating injury and inability to contact help.

Does your loved one live in another town or state?

Many children of aging parents do not live in the same town as their loved ones, making it impossible to provide help in the event of an emergency. When urgent care is needed, they are not close enough to provide the needed help.

Has your loved one experienced a fall in the past?

Highly likely to fall again, a previous fall is the greatest predictor for another fall. The potential for serious injury increases with every incident.

Do you worry about your loved one having a fall?

The fear and anxiety about a parent or loved one’s well being can feel like a prison of constant worry. Even worse, is the regret and guilt of hearing about an emergency and knowing that you were not there to help.

Do you call your loved one every day to check in on them?

If you have to call your aging loved one every day to make sure they are okay, you are clearly concerned about the potential of a serious accident. Gain peace-of-mind, knowing that your parent or loved one is safe and secure.

If you can answer yes to even one of these questions, you or your loved one could benefit greatly from a Medical Guardian medical alert device. Don’t wait until an emergency has happened to regret that you didn’t take action earlier. Regain independence and dignity with Medical Guardian.

Call us today at 1-800-668-9200 and join the thousands of seniors who are living fuller lives, protected by Medical Guardian.


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