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You're in Good Company

We protect over 300,000 lives every day. Protection is our passion. It's behind everything we do. There's nothing more powerful than hearing from our customers. Click the videos below to hear directly from the people we serve.

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Mary Emily C.

"When I have accidently pushed the button, the operators are amazingly courteous and helpful."

Marilyn M.

"The response was immediate, it was quick and I was most thankful for having the Medical Guardian on."

Linda B.

"It gives everyone a better feeling about me getting around and no one has to worry as much."

Joan P.

"I fell in the bathroom and I couldn't get up and they came and helped me."

Lynette B.

"This is the best investment you can make...this is for everybody and anybody."

Mike T.

"I hit the button and in a matter of minutes the paramedics were at my door step."

Peter F.

"I decided on Medical Guardian as an insurance against possible falling and not being able to get help."

Jackie M.

"I have enjoyed having Medical Guardian! It's kept me safe at least in my mind."

Dennis S.

"I wear it around my neck and it's with me all the time, it's like wearing insurance."

Robert M.

"With Medical Guardian I know that help is just as close as my hand."

Judy E.

"They can answer any question and they have lovely people working there."

Donald S.

"If I need help I just push the button and I have someone on the line that can help."

Kathleen J.

"Since I got Medical Guardian, I love it because I can take it anywhere I go and it works everywhere I go."

Annette F.

"I would have been in serious trouble if I hadn't been able to hit my button and get help."

Jodi W.

"I have been a customer for probably 3 or 4 years and I can't be more happy!"

Linda W.

"It's reassuring to know that I have it if I do need it because I have fallen in the past."

Brenda A.

"They are an angel that helps you out when you are in need or in trouble."

Debera S.

"They have been very helpful every time I call and we have regular check-ins"

Janice M.

"It's convenient to know if in a dire position, I can press the button for security reasons other than a fall."

Marilyn G.

"I really like it when I go out because I feel secure in case I do fall."

Carol M.

"Thank you Medical Guardian! I love my mini pendent, I wouldn't be ever without it."

Alice W.

"They are always there, they are always polite, and they are always professional."

Nan D.

"Thank you for being there when I need you."

Mary F.

"The Medical Guardian has been a great support and I am very grateful for their presence in my life."

Willliam L.

"This device will give Medical Guardian my GPS location. I have it in hotels and tested it 100 miles from home."

Helen R.

"I feel a lot more protected in my home."

Larry M.

"I lost my device while out walking one day and within 24 hours I was mailed a new device."

Pauline L.

"I have had my device for 2 years and I really feel that it gives me confidence every day."

Norman L.

"I pressed the button and service was at my home. They were there with in 3 or 4 minutes."

Richard K.

"It's a nice security for me since I'm a widower now and live alone."

Anna W.

"Whether my aunt is alone at home, or falls during an incident, she's able to get immediate attention."

Alan L.

"We didn't want the cheapest, we wanted the best. We made the right choice with Medical Guardian."

Robert M.

"With Medical Guardian I know that help is just as close as my hand."

Reginald C.

"I feel safe leaving my mom home alone knowing if anything happened they would get her help."

Theresa R.

"When I got the device and had to set it up, it was very easy and intuitive."

Ann L.

"We truly appreciate Medical Guardian as a lifeline for my mom who is 95 living on her own."

Charles B.

"Thanks to Medical Guardian I feel more secure when I am not in the home."

Margaret L.

"The Mini Guardian has givien me the emotional security to know that my loved one is safe."

Lynn G.

"With Medical Guardian we are ensured that she can be found and that she can be heard."

Héctor C.

"We feel very confident that she is being protected by this device in the event of an emergency."

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