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About Mini’s Fall Detection

How Fall Detection Works

When the built-in fall detection detects a fall, it will automatically call the monitoring center — even if you are unable to press the Call Button.

You will first hear the recording, “Fall detected, hold the Call Button to cancel.”

  • If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, stay on the line to be connected with an operator.
  • If you do not need assistance or if it was a false alarm, simply hold down the Call Button until you hear “Fall Detection Canceled” to enable the Fall Detection Cancellation Feature.

Important Safety Information

The Mini Guardian must be worn around the neck and at your breastbone for accuracy — minimizing false alarms. Wear it outside your shirt, as wearing it inside can reduce the percentage of falls detected. Do not wear your lanyard while sleeping.

  • Fall detection is an additional service that must be included within your protection package in order to be utilized. Access to this feature requires an add-on. To add fall detection to your protection package, please call our Customer Care team at 1 (800) 313-1191.
  • Fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. If you are able, you should always press the Call Button when you need help.
  • Fall detection cannot be accurately tested at home. The Mini Guardian uses an accelerometer and a proprietary algorithm to recognize a fall based on its speed, direction and impact.

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