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MG Mini – Charging

The MG Mini should be fully charged when it is first received.

  1. The device takes up to 4 hours to get to a full charge. 

  2. The device will state, “Device Ready” when the device turns on and connects to the network. 

  3. When the device is cradled properly on the cradle, it will state “Charging,” and should be kept in the charging cradle until fully charged.

  4. The device can be cradled with or without the belt clip attached.

  5. The Help button will be solid green to indicate the MG Mini is fully charged.

The charging cradle consists of three components and requires some assembly: the cradle, USB cord and adapter (brick).

  1. The micro-USB cord end will need to be installed into the back of the charging cradle.

  2. The USB cord end should be plugged into the wall adapter. ​​​​​​​

  3. Plug the wall adapter into a wall outlet not controlled by a light switch. A green LED light will appear on the front of the cradle when receiving power.

  4. Click here for a video showing how to assemble the charging cradle.