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Home Guardian 2.0 – Testing

Follow the steps below to test your device and pendants.

  1. To get started, grab any/all buttons that need to be tested and be sure to be in range of the base device.
  2. Press the transmitter button or help button on the device for at least 3 seconds. The device will announce “Initiating Help“.
  3. There will be a one-second pause and then a series of 10 beeps. During this time the alarm can be canceled by a 5-second press on the base device or the transmitter button. If the alarm is canceled, the unit will state “Call Cancelled”.
  4. The device will state “Call in Progress” and then “Call Connected”.
  5. The device will connect to Stella, the automated voice assistant. At this time, confirm with the automated voice assistant that you are okay and do not need help
  6. If a live operator responds through the device, inform the operator that “this is just a test.”