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MGHome Landline-Key features and Add-ons

The MGHome Landline device offers several exciting key features and add-ons!

Key Features

Two-way speaker

  • Loud and clear 2-way voice communication through the base device. 

Alarm Cancellation

  • Once the help button is pushed, you have 10 seconds to cancel an accidental alarm. To cancel an alarm, press the help button on the base unit or the peripheral button and hold it for 5 seconds. Once the alarm is canceled, your base unit will state “Call canceled.”

Backup battery

  • 32-hour backup battery will kick in if the power goes out. 

1,400-foot button range 

  • Wear the neck or wrist button up to 1,400 feet away from the unit.


Fall detection $10 per month

  • Enjoy an extra layer of protection in the home knowing that you will always be able to receive help – even if you cannot push the button.
  • *No technology, including fall detection technology, works 100% of the time. When at all possible, the button should be pushed to call for help.

Lockbox $2.99 per month

  • Add a secure house key lockbox for easy access to your property by emergency services.

OnGuard Alerts $2.99 per month

  • By adding Guardian Enhanced Emergency Notifications, both you and your Care Circle will be able to receive real-time text and email notifications about your loved one during an emergency.

MG Protection Plan $6.99 per month

  • Our Protection Plan provides unlimited tech support, comprehensive repairs and discounts on additional equipment — we guarantee to protect your equipment and give you peace of mind. While enrolled during any 12-month period, up to 1 base device and 2 buttons can be replaced when damaged as a result of the following:
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Accidents, spills and droppage
    • Dust, heat and humidity
    • Power surges
    • Manufacturer defects
    • PLUS – Unlimited battery replacement
    • Sign up today for stress-free protection you can depend on! Plan payments are automatically added to your monthly statement for additional convenience.

Calendar reminders $3.99 month 

  • MGMini Lite offers calendar notifications that provide gentle reminders for appointments, 
    birthdays, medications and more.