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MGHome Landline- Testing and Help Button Behavior

How to call for help

An alarm is activated by pressing the help button, which is the white button within the purple circle or a peripheral button.

  1. Once a help button is pressed and held for three seconds, the base unit emits the voice prompt “Initiating help.”
  2. If the alarm is activated by fall detection, the base unit will emit the voice prompt “Fall detected.”
  3. You will hear 1 beep every second and the base unit will repeat “Call connected”, then “Calling the care center” before being connected to the operators.
  4. An emergency operator will speak to you from the base unit.
  5. The base unit will state “Call completed” when the operator disconnects.

Cancel an accidental alarm:

  1. Once the help button is pushed, you have 10 seconds to cancel an accidental alarm.
  2. To cancel an alarm, press the help button on the base unit or the peripheral button and hold it for 5 seconds.
  3. Once the alarm is canceled, your base unit will state “Call canceled.”

Can be worn up to 1,400 feet away from the unit