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MGHome Landline-Light Indicators

What it means

What it does


  • The help button purple backlight will be dimly lit.
  • The Info button will be a solid green when connected to AC power.

Running on the back-up battery

  • The info button will flash green

Alarm Activation

  • When you press the help button, the ring around the button will light up bright purple and the info button will light up red. These lights will flash for 10 seconds, during which time the call can be canceled.
  • After 10 seconds, the cancellation window has closed, the purple help button will stop flashing and the info button light will turn solid green.
  • After the operator disconnects, the purple help button light will go back to being dimly lit and the info button will remain green.

Pairing mode

  • The info button will flash blue every 2 seconds while in pairing mode.

Telephone line problem

  • The Info button will be solid red.
  • Important! The base unit will state “Phone line problem. Check your connection.” repeatedly until the connection is reestablished.

Base unit low-battery alert (this is the backup battery)

  • The info button will flash red every 3 seconds.

Device (peripheral) Peripheral button low battery/device tamper (wall buttons) /device (peripheral) Peripheral button out of range

  • The Info button will flash amber every 5 seconds.