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MGHome Landline- Parts Identification


A. Help button-Press to call our Monitoring Center.
B. Purple backlight-Helps to quickly identify the help button’s location in the dark.
C. Info button and light– The info button gives the base unit’s current power and backup battery status.
D. Microphone– This picks up voice when speaking with the emergency operator.
E. Speaker– Amplifies the sound from the Monitoring Center operator when an emergency alarm has been initiated.


F. Red power button– Press the power button once to power on/off the panel.
G. AC power connector– Connects to an AC power adapter.
H. Phone jack– Telephone base unit connection.
I. Line jack– Phone line connection from wall.
J. Berry volume button– Press the button to increase or decrease volume levels. Select from levels 1 to 5.
K. White pairing button– Press this button to pair accessories.