Classic Guardian FAQ’s

There are two ways you can call for help: you can either press the Emergency Call button on the base station or press your wearable button. A confirmation siren will sound, and the Emergency Call button will light up red. Once you’re connected to our monitoring center, one of our emergency operators will ask if you need help. You can then request emergency services or a member of your Care Circle to come and help you.

No. You can only speak to an operator through the base station. If you are unable to speak with our operators, don’t worry – they will immediately send local emergency personnel to your home.

Your button will work within 1,300 feet of your base station. You can be sure of the distance that is covered around your home by completing a range test.

No. If you accidentally press the Emergency Call button or your wearable button, simply let the alarm go through to our monitoring center. Once you’re connected to an operator, tell them that it was a false alarm, and no dispatch will be made.

The Classic Guardian has a 32-hour backup battery so you will always be able to receive help in an emergency, even during a power outage.

Yes. You can wear your neck pendant or wristband to bed so you can receive help in the middle of the night should you ever need it. Fall detection pendants should not be worn while sleeping and this may increase the likelihood of false alarms.

Yes. The wearable buttons are highly water-resistant so you can wear your neck pendant or wristband in the shower, but it should not be submerged in more than 3 feet of water for more than 30 minutes and should not be used in salt or chlorine water.

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