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Active Guardian – Lockbox Setup

A spare key to the home is kept in the lockbox and secured somewhere outside of the home (usually the front door).


  • In the event of emergency dispatch, our operators will provide the code to the lockbox so that emergency responders can get into the home.
  • Without a lockbox, emergency responders may have to cause damage to the front door to enter the home.
  • The Lockbox is $2.99 per month or Free with an annual billing cycle.

STEP 1: Enter your 4-digit, secret lockbox combination code

Grab ahold of the key lockbox with one hand so that the number dials are facing you and the shackle is pointing towards the sky. Rotate each of the four dials to the code on the combination tag.

STEP 2: Open your lockbox

Use one hand to grab a hold of the silver metal shackle. Use the other hand to pull the front compartment towards you.

Look inside and slide and hold the silver release tab towards the left. Pull the shackle up.

STEP 3: Place your key inside of your lockbox

Loop the silver metal shackle around the door knob. Close the shackle by pushing it downward into the key lockbox.

Place your key in the open compartment. Gently close the open compartment. It will click into place.

STEP 4: Secure your lockbox

Rotate each of the four dials to a new number.

Double-check to make sure that the shackle and key compartment are securely locked.