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About Active Guardian I’s Fall Detection

Fall detection does not detect 100% of falls. If you are able, you should always press the Call Button when you need help.

If you are unable to press the Call Button and a fall is detected, an alert is sent to the monitoring center just as it would for a button press.

The Active Guardian must be worn around the neck if fall detection capabilities are active. Adjust the lanyard so that the device rests on your breastbone to minimize false alarms. Wear it outside your shirt, as wearing it inside can reduce the percentage of falls detected.

If you accidentally set off fall detection, let the alarm go through to our monitoring center. Once connected to an operator, tell them it is a false alarm.

How Much Does Fall Detection Cost?

Fall Detection is an additional $10 per month per button. It does NOT come standard. If you’d like to add the Fall Detection button, please reach out to us via Live Chat (on the bottom of this page) or on www.medicalguardian.com.

Can You Cancel a Fall Detection Alarm?

No, the alarm cannot be cancelled. Please let the call go through and let the operator know it was just a false alarm.

Is There a Way to Power off the Fall Detection Pendant?​

The only way to power off the Fall Detection pendent is to remove the battery. This is not recommended.

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