About Your Mobile Guardian

A Quick Look at Your Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian Features

For optimal protection and to lower the risk of false alarms, adjust the lanyard so that the neck pendant rests on your breastbone.

Your wearable button(s) are waterproof. They are safe to wear in the shower but please avoid the following as they may cause damage: salt water, chlorine, and submerging it under water for more than 30 minutes.

The portable device is NOT water-resistant.

Your wearable button(s) will only work when they’re within 350-ft. of your portable device.

Mobile Guardian Light Indicators

Feature Symbol Meaning
Cellular Green, blinking slowly: Connected to wireless network
Green, blinking quickly: NOT connected to wireless network
GPS Yellow, blinking: Communicating with GPS satellite
Battery Red, blinking slowly (while off charging cradle): portable device battery is low ( about 1 hour left)
Red, solid (while in charging cradle): Device is charging
Off (while in charging cradle): Device is fully charged
Emergency Red, solid: Emergency (or wearable) button has been pressed and monitoring center is being alerted

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