Mini Guardian FAQ’s

Should you ever need help, simply press and hold the Call Button until the light around it turns solid blue.

After a short delay, you will hear a voice message and then tones or ringing. Once you are connected to one of our highly-certified emergency operators, you can then speak with an operator directly through the device and request emergency services or a member of your Care Circle to come help you.

Your device’s rechargeable battery may last up to 5 days per charge depending on usage. The typical charging time is 3 hours. The red battery light flashes while charging and is solid when fully charged. It’s highly recommended to charge daily for optimal battery life.

No. Your home does not need WiFi in order for the Mini Guardian to work. Our emergency operators will be able to pinpoint your location using the Mini Guardian’s GPS, WiFi, & Cellular Triangulation capabilities should you ever need emergency or non-emergency assistance.

Your medical alert system is highly water-resistant at IP67 so you can wear your device in the shower, but it should not be submerged and should not be used in salt or chlorine water.

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