About Your Mini Guardian

A Quick Look at Your Mini Guardian

Mini Guardian Features

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Premium Sound Quality
Mini Guardian has a built-in HD speaker
with noise canceling functionality, so you
will experience a clear, full-range of sound
while communicating directly with our 24/7
emergency operators.

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Battery Life of Up to 5 Days
Mini Guardian has a battery life of up to 5 days — depending on talk time and how you use it. The red Battery Light will also indicate when your battery is low by flashing every 30 seconds, so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to charge.

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Unlimited Nationwide Cellular Coverage
Mini Guardian has unlimited range and can be taken anywhere within the U.S. with sufficient cellular coverage.

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Advanced Location Monitoring
Mini Guardian uses WiFi Positioning Services, GPS, and Cellular Triangulation to determine where you are—sending emergency or non-emergency assistance to your exact location.

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Water-resistant for Use in the Shower
Mini Guardian is water-resistant and is safe to wear in the shower—be sure to towel dry your device immediately after showering. However, please avoid salt water, chlorine, and submerging it underwater as these may
cause damage.

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Multiple Ways to Wear
Mini Guardian can be worn around the neck, clipped to your belt, or clipped on your bag with the included lanyard attachment and belt clip.

Cleaning Your Mini Guardian

use a soft cloth to clean your medical alert device

We recommend that you clean Mini Guardian weekly to ensure proper charging.

Take a soft cloth—like an eyeglass cleaning cloth—and gently rub the gold contacts on the device and charging cradle to remove dirt, oil, and debris. You can also spray household cleaner onto the cleaning cloth (though do not spray directly onto the device or the cradle) and wipe to remove debris.

Replacing the Lanyard with the Belt Clip

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